Occupation Specific Job Training

Programs that provide training in the technical competencies unique to a specific occupation that are required for successful workplace performance. The training may be delivered in a variety of ways including apprenticeships, business practice firms, classroom training, internships, OJT or work experience; or may take place in a combination of settings, on-the-job training supported by formal classroom training, for example, or classroom training followed by an internship.



Centre for Aviation Technology located at Hamilton International Airport.  Student capacity is limited to 350 people.  One of several permanent training sites through Mohawk College.  Offering the following programs:

Provides job seekers with industry training that enhances skill sets, productivity, safety, and workplace communication. Helps to increase job prospects and job mobility for workers in the cannabis industry in a practical learning environment. 

Free program for internationally trained teachers and early childhood educators. Program includes:

Provides fast tracked re-introduction to skilled trades for trades persons with foreign experience. This program is Ontario wide and fully online. Trades include:

  • Electrician
  • Millwright
  • Plumber
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Automotive Mechanic

A six week program teaching skills for use in the landscape and horticulture industry which include: workplace health and safety, lawn and plant maintenance and tools, and landscape construction.

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