Transitional Housing/Shelter

Programs that provide extended shelter and supportive services primarily for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing. Some programs require that the individual/family be transitioning from a short-term emergency shelter. The length of stay varies considerably by program. It is generally longer than two weeks but typically 60 days or more and, in many cases, up to two years or more. The supportive services may be provided directly by the organization managing the housing or may be coordinated by them and provided by other public or private agencies. Transitional housing/shelter is generally provided in apartment style facilities with a higher degree of privacy than short-term homeless shelters; may be provided at no cost to the resident; and may be configured for specialized groups within the homeless population such as people with substance abuse problems, homeless mentally ill, homeless domestic violence victims, veterans or homeless people with AIDS/HIV. Included are post-domestic violence shelter housing programs that make affordable rental housing (or other accommodations) available to women, generally those who are coming directly out of a domestic violence shelter or other crisis shelter, often in apartment complexes owned by the shelter; and programs that provide transitional housing and support services for other targeted groups such as military and veteran families and others who need a temporary supportive living environment to maintain stability and begin to thrive.



Provides a place of sanctuary, safety and support for women (and their children) with a variety of programs.

Family Court Support Worker Program

15 furnished transitional housing apartments.

Provides 15 furnished transitional housing apartments and support to young mothers with on-site programming and support staff. Offers supportive programs to those in the transitional housing. 

Provides clean, safe and affordable transitional housing for up to 174 men at risk. Short-term accommodations provided on a weekly or monthly basis with 24-hour front desk support, including navigation to critical community support services with key partner agencies.

Provides support for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence. Offered at a confidential location for up to one year. Services include:

Provides support for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence. Offered at a confidential location for up to one year. Services include:

A 65-bed residence providing safe, affordable and temporary housing to women experiencing poverty, homelessness and violence.

Services include:

Offers transitional housing and support programs for up to 12 months for Indigneous women and children who are at risk of homelessness and poverty. The supportive housing facility is geared towards women and children who have been victims of violence.

Replacing the Mountain View Program (Discontinued in September 2020), Gyo Geh Doh is a transitional supportive housing program for single women in precarious housing conditions. It has an emphasis on wrap-around supports.

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