Provincial/Territorial Social Assistance Programs

Financial assistance programs administered by provinces/territories that serve as sources of last resort for families and individuals who, for various reasons, including disability, illness, low income or unemployment, cannot meet basic living costs and have no other sources of income. These programs are known by a variety of different names and have differing eligibility criteria. All include a case plan development component that aims to move employable recipients towards self-sufficiency through participation in job search activities and approved training programs. Applications are generally income and asset-tested, and applicants are expected to make use of all available resources before they can qualify. Additional emergency or hardship assistance may be available in some situations such as covering the cost of a burial for an immediate family member. In some jurisdictions, the province/territory may assume responsibility for providing federally-funded welfare programs to members of First Nations who live on reserve.



Ontario provincial program that provides health-related items to people receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) funding and people on low income.

Health related benefits include but are not limited to:

Ontario provincial program that provides temporary financial and employment assistance for people who are in financial need.

Assistance includes:

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