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Online map tool to help youth find local resources.  It allows youth to search for resources in their community such as:

Provides support to newcomers to settle into their life in Canada and connect with their local community.

Services include:

Culturally safe and centralized call centre that connects Indigenous residents in Hamilton to local and government resources relevant to their identified needs.  Navigators will support families in completing applications and create warm transfers

Program provides a casual space for seniors to gather and socialize with an emphasis on low-income seniors who are vulnerable, potentially isolated or are living in at-risk conditions.

Guardianship Assistance

Programs that provide assistance for people who are in favour of or want to oppose the appointment of a guardian to care for and/or manage the affairs of a child or adolescent during minority (generally younger than age 18). In some provinces, particularly those with no arrangements for conservatorships, whose conservatorships are voluntary covering property and powers designated by the conservatee or whose conservatorships address only the individual's estate, guardianships may also apply to adults who have been found by the courts to be incapable of managing their own affairs.