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Location of Pro Bono Ontario, a non-profit community legal centre that offers free legal services for low-income people in Ontario.

A drop-in service that provides legal and non-legal information, regarding family law issues, such as separation and divorce.

Services include:

Offers legal support and forms assistance to help transgender individuals through the process of legally changing their name and sex designation on Ontario and Canada government IDs, birth certificates, and other records.

Online website for, a web-based service that connects teenagers in need of legal advice with lawyers via online queries.

An identity card for legally blind individuals that provides benefits such as discounts and services from governments, businesses, and community partners.

Specific benefits vary by city. Contact for details.

Osgoode Hall is a site for legal and judicial services in Ontario. This site houses the highest courts for the province of Ontario and the related offices. It also houses the Law Society of Ontario.