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Friendly visitation and/or telephone reassurance for persons who are living in their own home/apartment or recovering from hospital stays. Time is spent listening, playing games, making crafts, going on outings, telling stories, and enjoying one another’s company. Individual interviews with both the senior and the volunteer are conducted before a match is made.

A program for individuals who want to learn more about developing tools to have a positive relationship with their landlord. The course can be delivered as either one 3-hour session, or six 1-hour sessions. After completion of the course participants will receive a certificate of completion recognized by landlords that they can use as a reference for new rentals.

Provides learning opportunities that help participants develop skill and confidence in the kitchen, and learn about choice and preparation of diabetes friendly food. Topics include: food safety education, cooking more to limit processed food and restaurant use, make healthy choices taste great, cooking techniques, healthy alternatives, vegetarian protein options and money saving tips. Sessions run one Friday per month, for three Months: September - November, January - March, April – June.

A stay-in-school program designed to reduce poverty and its effects by lowering the dropout rate among high school students, from economically disadvantaged communities, and increase their participation in post-secondary programs.

Four Core Elements of Support:

Offers one-on-one education and advice about effective diabetes management. 

Topics include:

  • diet and nutrition
  • medications and medical history
  • measuring health indicators such as weight and blood pressure
  • assessing current usage of blood glucose monitors

Offers a variety of mental health related services to support mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Services include:

  • Social Work Counselling - available to help with issues such as grief, couple counselling, and self-esteem 
  • Group Programs - including meditation, art therapy, and support groups
  • Client Advocacy - to assist with navigating Hamilton social services and healthcare system
  • Cultural Interpretation Services