Communicable Disease Control

Programs that protect the public health through comprehensive efforts to track the incidence and distribution of disease in the population and prevent, control and eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases, vector and food-borne illnesses, diseases that are transmitted person-to-person and other diseases that are spread by direct or indirect contact. Activities include routine surveillance of communicable disease activity, assessment of the community immunization level through school records and immunization studies, investigation of epidemic outbreaks, reporting of cases of infectious diseases to the proper authorities and taking appropriate measures such as isolation and contact tracing/notification to prevent disease transmission.



City of Hamilton website that provides information about COVID-19 testing in the greater Hamilton area including eligibility requirements and testing locations.

Collects information on confirmed and possible cases of a variety of Infectious diseases in Hamilton. For a list of all diseases that should be reported visit the website.

Medical clinics to assess individuals for the COVID-19 virus. PCR testing is done by appointment, and is only open to individuals who fall within the Ontario provincial guidelines

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