School Based Teen Parent/Pregnant Teen Programs

Programs, usually available within the regular high school curriculum, that provide opportunities for pregnant teens and teenage students who are parents to complete their high school education and receive diplomas. Classes which focus on child development, infant care, mother/infant nutrition and childbirth preparation are available in addition to the basic graduation requirements and academic electives. Students who are enrolled in the program may also receive nutritionally balanced meals (breakfast and lunch), prenatal care, family planning and counselling services.



Offers young parents an opportunity to earn secondary school credits for learning and demonstrating effective parenting practices.  The curriculum is developed to support hands-on, experiential based learning.  The parents bring their infants to the classroom every day.  The classroom is set up t

School programs serves pregnant and/or parenting young women and their infants. Program consists of 3 Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board teachers and a Program Liaison.

Provides young mothers in the east end of Hamilton the opportunity to attend high school in an alternative education setting with on-site child care for their children.

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