GED/High School Equivalency Test Instruction

Programs that provide instruction for adults and eligible minors who have elected to take a series of tests which measure the extent to which they have gained the knowledge, skills and understanding ordinarily acquired through a high school education. Instruction and testing focus on writing, social studies, science, reading and mathematics. Individuals who pass the tests receive a high school equivalency certificate.



Program is designed for adult learners interested in developing computer skills, upgrading their academic skills and completing their secondary education.  Provides the opportunity for students who have recently left high school with minimal credits to achieve a number of high school credits thro

A program to help students qualify for admission to Mohawk College programs and assist in employment readiness. Focusing on raising Math, Science and English skills to the college-entry level and employment standards.

Offers upgrading in:

Provides young mothers in the east end of Hamilton the opportunity to attend high school in an alternative education setting with on-site child care for their children.

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