Certificates/Forms Assistance

Programs that help people obtain, complete and/or file official forms, certificates, documents, applications or other paperwork that is required to apply for benefits or services, initiate or respond to legal action or to officially handle or document the occurrence of a transaction; that help people acquire copies of official documents on file elsewhere; or that review legal documentation an individual has received to help explain its meaning.



Provides a range of services to support newcomers get settled in Canada.

Settlement counsellors assist newcomer families with the following:

Provides housing and resettlement support for refugee claimants.

This includes:

Offers a variety of services to help disabled or injured workers, and family, friends, and co-workers of workers injured or killed on the job.

Services include:

Provides legal services in the areas of:

Offers legal services, education, and system navigation to the LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit community in Hamilton. This is a francophone project that has an accompanying English component.

Services include:

Offers volunteers who assist individuals with a modest income and a simple tax situation complete income tax and benefit returns. Volunteer tax preparation clinics are offered in various locations across Canada, generally between February and April of each year. Some clinics operate year-round.

Offers legal support and forms assistance to help transgender individuals through the process of legally changing their name and sex designation on Ontario and Canada government IDs, birth certificates, and other records.

Offers free tax help, financial planning, and problem solving assistance provide by volunteers trained by Canada Revenue Agency or volunteer chartered accountants. 

Also offers assistance with completing forms including:

Outreach worker offering information and referral services.  Additional services are offered on a case by case basis including assistance with forms, housing, and employment.

Assists homeless people in Hamilton with replacement of birth certificates.

An inter-professional approach to ensuring the healthy settlement of newcomer communities in Hamilton. Individuals may receive help with forms completion and accessing education, housing, or employment. Health promotion group and individual activities are also provided.

Offers a variety of services meant to support anyone navigating challenging life situations or circumstances. Services include:

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