Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of physical, emotional and sexual abuse of individuals by their spouses or partners through a variety of educational interventions which may focus on the likely victims of abuse, potential perpetrators, people who work with families and/or the community at large.



An early intervention program that provides group supports for children who have witnessed woman abuse, by offering opportunities to share their feelings regarding the abuse and violence they have witnessed, in a creative and supportive environment.

Offers support to women who have been exposed to abuse and violence whether sexual, emotional, financial, or physical. Programs provide knowledge and understanding of abuse, and explore available options, resources, and supports.

Offers a variety of workshops and training sessions centred around cultural competency, sensitivity, safety, and violence against women. Workshops vary in length and content but can be relevant to any organization.

Provides an opportunity for communities to engage Indigenous men and youth in understanding violence against Indigenous women and support them in joining together to end the violence.

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