Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing

ograms that provide affordable, community-based housing for individuals and families who have experienced long-term or chronic homelessness and have been diagnosed as having a physical or developmental disability, a severe mental illness, substance use disorder problems or HIV/AIDS; or are members of another designated group within the homeless population. Structures may include apartments, single-family houses, duplexes, group homes or single-room occupancy housing. Permanent supportive housing programs generally provide residents with the rights of tenancy under provincial or local landlord/tenant laws and are linked to services designed to meet residents' needs. Supportive services vary depending on the resident population. Most programs offer some type of case management and housing support, but may also offer more intensive mental health, substance use disorder, vocational, employment or other services which help promote independent living. Supportive services may be offered on-site or off-site, or be provided by a mobile service team and may be available to people with current housing who are at risk of becoming homeless



The Residential Care Subsidy Program aims to prevent homelessness by providing for safe and affordable supported housing in a communal setting for people who require assistance with the daily activities of life.

Harm reduction and managed alcohol program for women and men experiencing homelessness, addiction and serious health problems.  Up-front discharge planning for effective transition to the community.  Offering care for health and emotional needs, residential and outpatient services.

A housing program supporting individuals experiencing episodic or chronic homelessness in acquiring and maintaining safe, affordable and stable housing in Hamilton. Offers intensive case management, referrals, supports, and help obtaining government assistance.

Permanent housing complex for homeless Indigenous men in Hamilton. Offers one bedroom units, rooms modified for individuals with disabilities, and a number of social support services.

Permanent housing complex for homeless Indigenous families in Hamilton.

Operates affordable housing complexes and support services for Indigenous people in the City of Hamilton.

Offers 15 supportive housing units to Individuals with mental or physical disabilities, victims of domestic violence, the frail elderly, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Offers 60 apartments (mostly one-bedroom with some bachelor and two-bedroom units).

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