Home Delivered Meals

Programs that prepare and regularly deliver meals to older adults, people with disabilities and others who have difficulties shopping and/or preparing food for themselves or travelling to a site where a meal is being served.



Provides delivered meals for residents who are unable to attend to their own nutritional needs, yet wish to continue living independently in the community. Volunteers are selected through a screening process and provide social contact as well as monitor the well-being of the client. 

Nonprofit program that provides hot or frozen meals for those who have difficulty preparing food. Both short term and long term meal plans are available as well as accommodations for special diets. Hot meals are delivered daily and frozen meals are delivered weekly.

Hot, nutritious, three-course meal delivered during lunch hour. Meal includes salad, main course of meat, potato and vegetable, and dessert. Specialized meals can be made upon request.

Provides a hot, nutritious meal for people with disabilities, recuperating from surgery, or anyone not able to cook for themselves, delivered to their own home or apartment at lunch time. No deliveries on holidays and weekends, but additional meals may be requested to accommodate.

Service provides frozen meals prepared from fresh foods to seniors and those requiring additional nutritional assistance. Meals are delivered weekly, or can be picked up at the Glanbrook Community Services office. Special diet types available, cooking instructions are provided on the packaging.

Provides meals prepared from fresh foods and frozen the week prior to delivery or pick-up. Offers 35 different entrées and desserts over a 5 week rotation plus 7 different soups each week. Meals are delivered to the door or can be picked up at the ACS office.

Provides flash-frozen meals for older adults, adults living with a disability or recuperating from surgery, or anyone not able to cook a meal for themselves. Pick-up and delivery options are available. Special diet types available; cooking instructions are provided on the packaging.

Provides deliveries of food to applicants homes once per month. The program is a community-supported project that completely dependent on donations of cash and non-perishable foods. Home delivery only.

Delivers hot meals to the homes of elderly, convalescent, disabled persons, or any person in need of a meal and unable to provide for themselves.  Available on both a short-term and long-term basis to eligible clients.  This volunteer-based program assists members of the community to remain in th

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