Outreach Programs

Organizations that make an effort to increase the availability and utilization of community services by specific target populations by providing direct services for targeted individuals in their homes or other convenient locations or by making special efforts to ensure that a particular group is aware of available services and encouraged to participate. Included are programs that do outreach regarding their own services as well as those which encourage a target population to use a wide variety of services.



Provides a variety of personal support services for activities of daily living such as bathing and toileting, range of motion exercises, daily living activities, light housekeeping. All services are provided in the client's own home.

The Community Outreach Program consists of the Get Connected program and a Young Parent Navigator.

Provides counselling, education and harm reduction services to individuals who use drugs.  Offers practical support and community referrals.  Participates in community based initiatives, leads training for local service providers, and promotes harm reduction.  Harm Reduction Outreach builds capac

AIDS Network Telephone/Online Services.  Programs that are being offered via telephone or virtually, in response to COVID-19 enhanced safety measures. 

Aims to create and enhance a community-based response to AIDS/HIV while being culturally relevant to all African, Caribbean, and Black individuals.  Offers culturally-specific training workshops on AIDS/HIV and social determinants of health.  Services include:

Provides a place of sanctuary, safety and support for women (and their children) with a variety of programs.

Family Court Support Worker Program

Program connects youth and their families to different services and programs within the city. Program assists youth with a wide range of needs such as: homework help, recreational programming, accessing a housing worker, after school programs, employment/volunteer help, accessing food banks.

Works in conjunction with health and social service community partners, to identify seniors living in severe self-neglect, known as “Diogenes Syndrome”.

Assists isolated and at risk seniors age 55 and older with making social connections and maintaining independence through various activities and community referrals. The program is partnered with CityHousing Hamilton buildings delivering seniors programs. 

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