Environmental Improvement Groups

Organizations that work for the introduction of new legislation or changes in current laws or practices that will more effectively protect the physical environment from pollution, exploitation or waste and/or preserve our natural resources, including our wildlife, for enjoyment by future generations.



Offers a variety of activities and events for Naturalists in Hamilton.

Activities include:

A charitable organization dedicated to the study, appreciation, and conservation of wild plants and animals.

The Conserver Society is an independent non-partisan advocacy group that does project work related to cleaning in the environment in and around Hamilton.

They have funds and projects and partnerships currently running. Please consult their website for the most up to date list.

The offices of the Conserver Society.

A community-focused non-profit that works in collaboration with a variety of funders and local partners to build a sustainable future for Hamilton. It facilitates the ability of people in the area to develop the knowledge and skills they need to protect and enhance the environment.

An environmental organization, providing residents with environmental information and services. As a one stop environment shop, the program helps citizens to make positive decisions about the environment by providing them with clear, relevant information and practical action plans.

A variety of demonstrations showcases the inside of the restored 1850s house and the surrounding gardens through education programming, workshops, open-house special events or self guided tours of the EcoHouse and grounds.

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