Anger Management

Programs that provide educational and/or therapeutic opportunities for people who are interested in or who need to learn how to deal with their anger in a positive, functional way. Participants may include people who internalize their anger as well as those who act it out verbally or in behaviour toward friends, family, children, employers or other people in their lives. Included are court-ordered and voluntary programs for people who are involved in domestic violence or child abuse as well as general workshops for people who are uncomfortable with the way they express their anger.



This program teaches self-awareness and emotional regulation in a group setting to young people. It provides anger management education and supports to build emotional resilience for ages 12-14.

Offers support groups for the Hamilton community

This program is a cognitive skills based program for youth 12-17 who have interpersonal problems as a result of their aggressive behaviour. The program is eight sixty-minute sessions designed to help youth identify personal aggression patterns, explore alternatives, and develop a plan of action t

This anger management program uses an educational treatment approach to give individuals the skills they need to manage anger and other emotions associated with aggression and anti-social behaviour. It is a cognitive behaioural approach to anger reduction.

Elizabeth Fry Society offers several community programs for women including:

  • Anger management counselling
  • Domestic abuse support groups and counselling
  • Education programs around improving self-esteem
  • Trauma healing

The Elizabeth Fry Society offers many programs to those in corrections. Content of these focuses on anger management, counselling for abuse and domestic violence survivors, relapse prevention and trauma healing.

Anger Management for Men Program: Provides information and strategies that help participants manage their anger, improve their overall health, and contribute positively to the health and well-beings of their families and the community.

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