Outpatient Mental Health Facilities

Programs that provide walk-in, walk-out diagnostic and treatment services for children, adolescents and/or adults who have acute or chronic psychiatric disorders but do not need 24-hour care; and/or provide counselling services for individuals, couples, families and extended family groups who may be experiencing difficulty resolving personal or interpersonal conflicts or making personal adjustments to stressful life situations such as separation, divorce, widowhood, loss of a child, poor health, unemployment, family violence, delinquency or substance abuse.



A non-profit agency supporting children, youth, adults, and families in multiple locations throughout Brant and Haldimand counties through the delivery of a range of health and social programs.

Community clinic of St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton offering comprehensive support for individuals with severe psychological disorders.

Offers a variety of mental health related outpatient services for children and youth age 17 and younger. Meet with a healthcare provider to discuss service options and create a treatment plan.

Services available include:

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