Cooking Classes

Programs that provide instruction, demonstrations and special programs in the culinary arts for individuals of all ages who want to become proficient in the selection and preparation of any of a number dishes that are representative of different cuisines. Included are programs aimed at teaching low income people how to cook nutritious meals from fresh ingredients at a cost much cheaper than pre-packaged meals.



A cooking and social support program for LGBTQ+ newcomers in Hamilton. Provides a safe space to learn and exchange cooking skills and budget saving tips.

Free ingredient kits are provided to participants.

Program is also called Mother Tongue Community Kitchen.

Offers cooking and culinary arts classes available in two formats:

Educational program available to children ages 6-12 that are interested in learning to cook, garden and physical activity.  Once a week from May- September, children will learn and prepare healthy meals and snacks, explore physical activity and learn more about nutrition and health living.

Teaches senior residents and clients nutrition strategies and cooking skills. Participants participate in a luncheon to develop friendships and socialize. Also offers special guest speakers about topics that interest participants.

A weekly, two month long program in which participants learn about food, nutrition, healthy eating, kitchen safety, safe food handling, and basic cooking techniques. Offered up to four times per year.

Provides learning opportunities that help participants develop skill and confidence in the kitchen, and learn about choice and preparation of diabetes friendly food. Topics include:

12-week cooking program offered twice throughout the school year. Involves cooking lessons as well as youth-led creation and facilitated discussion on food justice topics. Recipes feature whole foods and locally sourced ingredients with vegetarian and halal options.

Cooking and kitchen training in the Living Rock industrial kitchen. Provides work experience and training for at risk youth in the Hamilton community. Youth cook and participate in clean-up.

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