War Veterans Allowance

A financial assistance program available through Veterans Affairs Canada that provides a regular monthly income to meet basic needs for individuals who are qualified on the basis of service to their country during wartime. Included are Canadian Armed Forces veterans and Merchant Navy veterans who served in the First or Second World War or the Korean War; Allied Forces veterans with wartime service in the First or Second World War who were domiciled in Canada at the time of enlistment; and civilians who served in close support of the Canadian Armed Forces during wartime. WVA is an income-tested benefit and most regular income must be considered to determine eligibility. Other factors include family status and number of dependents. A special assistance fund is available to any WVA recipient for an emergency need that affects health or safety and that cannot be paid through other programs. In the event of the death of the WVA recipient, an allowance is paid to eligible survivors (spouses, common-law partners, orphans).

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