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An identity card for legally blind individuals that provides benefits such as discounts and services from governments, businesses, and community partners.

Specific benefits vary by city. Contact for details.

Osgoode Hall is a site for legal and judicial services in Ontario. This site houses the highest courts for the province of Ontario and the related offices. It also houses the Law Society of Ontario.

Web-based service connects teenagers in need of legal advice with lawyers via online queries. it usually takes a day or two for answers to be ready. The service is free, confidential, anonymous, and secure.

Aims to improve access to justice for Indigenous peoples in Hamilton and surrounding communities by providing culturally respectful and appropriate legal services to Indigenous clients.

Provides lawyers who volunteer their time to make wills for people who cannot afford to pay for these services. Can assist people with disabilities, people with terminal illnesses, single parents, and low-income adults.

Provides legal services to low income seniors living in the community in their own homes or in group living arrangements such as retirement homes, boarding homes and long term care facilities.  Areas of law covered also include elder abuse, advance care planning, and consent and capacity.

Confidential and anonymous telephone crisis line for individuals experiencing domestic violence.

Services offered include:

Online map tool to help youth find local resources.  It allows youth to search for resources in their community such as: