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Registered charity that supports people in the community to better cope with crisis, loneliness, and emotional stress * provides telephone support on the Distress Line 365 days a year

Programs and services include:

Skiing: Sat and Sun during winter months * lessons with certified skiing instructors * overnight trips (weekends and longer) * ski Trips to Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, U.S. and Europe

A selection of camps focused on the outdoors, promoting activeness and education. 

Individual camps are:

Three-day summer camp for children living with epilepsy and their siblings. Camp staff has seizure first aid training, CPR training, and HIGH FIVE training for preventing, identifying, and managing kids with seizure disorders.

Operates the following Conservation Parks:
Crawford Lake Conservation Area
Kelso Conservation Area / Glen Eden
Hilton Falls Conservation Area
Mountsberg Conservation Area
Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Subjects taught include: piano * voice * violin * cello * guitar * woodwinds * early childhood music * rudiments * theory * composition * keyboard harmony 
Branch activities include: