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Supports Indigenous women in navigating through complex systems encountered when experiencing violence and involvement in child welfare matters. Focuses on crisis management and stabilization, awareness and education, planning and goal setting, liaising with service providers, and providing conflict resolution support.

The family support program provides support, information, early intervention and referral to other services for parents with youth ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing parenting challenges or parent/child conflicts.

This is a strength based, family centred service offered in individual and group formats.

This program is delivered on site and off site throughout Hamilton, Burlington and area. It is open to community referrals.

Emergency crisis line and response team to assist individuals who have serious mental health issues and who are in crisis. Also supports caregivers in the management of acute mental health concerns and crisis.

Intake can be initiated by individuals directly or through their family members and caregivers. Referrals are accepted from community agencies and professionals. Separate COAST teams serve seniors, adults, and children/youth. A program of St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

Hears all family law cases, including cases involving divorce, child support, spousal support, custody of and access to children, division of family property, possession of family homes, trust claims and claims for unjust enrichment, adoption, and child protection.

A program that is part of the City of Hamilton's Healthy Babies, Healthy Children programs offered by Wesley. Mobile staff conduct in-home visits to pregnant women and families with young children. They help to support breastfeeding, healthy eating, child development and parenting skills. They connect families to local community programs and supports.

Supports homeschooling families in the Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas. Activities include: parents meetings, social activities, and field trips. 

Licensed child care centre offering a wide range of early learning and child care programs as well as parental support programs.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres provide opportunities for children from birth to 6 years of age to participate in play and inquiry-based programs, and support parents and caregivers in their roles. These centres offer safe and welcoming environments open to all families across Hamilton, with qualified professionals and quality programs. Families and caregivers can find support, advice, make personal connections and access a network of resources at these centres.