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Supports Indigenous women in navigating through complex systems encountered when experiencing violence and involvement in child welfare matters.

A series of group-format support programs that help family, caregivers, and individuals with memory loss cope with progressive cognitive deficits, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease.  Different groups are offered that focus on specific topics such a

The family support program provides support, information, early intervention and referral to other services for parents with youth ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing parenting challenges or parent/child conflicts.

Emergency crisis line and response team to assist individuals who have serious mental health issues and who are in crisis. Also supports caregivers in the management of acute mental health concerns and crisis.

Hears all family law cases, including cases involving divorce, child support, spousal support, custody of and access to children, division of family property, possession of family homes, trust claims and claims for unjust enrichment, adoption, and

Offers pregnancy, adoption and parenting support through a child-centred approach.  Dedicated to building and supporting healthy family relationships in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment.  Services include:

Office of the Ontario Provincial Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services that deals with paying and receiving child and spousal support.

A program that is part of the City of Hamilton's Healthy Babies, Healthy Children programs offered by Wesley. Mobile staff conduct in-home visits to pregnant women and families with young children.