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An aging-in-community group of community-minded individuals residing in the Hamilton area, engaged in learning about a variety of topics including housing alternatives and health, in building intergenerational friendships, and committed to celebra

Community gardens can deliver a number of benefits to local communities for gardeners, their friends and families, and others in neighbourhoods with gardens, by building community, enhancing environment, and promoting wellness. 

Catholic full day and before and after school child care programs in Hamilton Catholic Schools. Care is available to students of the school where the program is located as well as children of the students, school staff, and the community.

Provides group activities for newly-arrived immigrants and refugees of all ages to help orient them to their new community while establishing social and professional networks.

A community fridge in which anyone in the neighbourhood can take or leave food donations, in the spirit of mutual aid. See website for list of donation guidelines. 

Volunteer opportunities available.