Student Career Counselling

Programs staffed by on-campus career counsellors who provide advice and guidance that helps high school students, undergraduates, graduate students and sometimes alumni explore career options and make good career-related decisions. Career counsellors support young people in gaining a better understanding of what really matters to them and, in many settings, can work with academic counsellors to ensure that the course of studies they select supports their long range career goals. Career counsellors can help clients develop strategies and skills in exploring career options, evaluate career values and create a career path; and later, many can help students who are ready to launch a career identify and apply for jobs, network, interview and create a balance between work and a personal life.



Provides one-on-one mentoring for youth with an opportunity to participate in educational activities and engage with their peers.  The goal of this program is to help youth stay in school, or re-enter the school system.  Types of support include:

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