Postsecondary Opportunities for People With Disabilities

Programs that provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to obtain academic, vocational and/or independent living skills instruction at the postsecondary level with the objective of participating in college classes, improving their social and communication skills, enhancing their independence and employability, forming friendships with their peers, developing age-appropriate recreational and leisure pursuits and/or meeting other individualized objectives which reflect their interests and goals. The programs may be available on college and university campuses, as part of adult and continuing education programs or offered at community colleges, technical/trade schools or special centres where students may be regularly enrolled, auditing courses, participating in internships or taking noncredit courses that do not lead to a degree or other academic credential. Some programs have a supported living component and most have special support services which help students succeed in the academic, vocational, residential or other settings in which they are involved.



Offers support for persons who self-identify with a disability to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. Includes one-on-one support, 6-week group training, and optional paid 14-week work placements. An Occupational therapist is available for support to reduce barriers to employment.

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