Adult Literacy Programs

Programs offered by a variety of organizations including regular and adult schools, libraries, correctional facilities, businesses and corporations that provide reading, writing, speaking, computation and/or problem solving skills for adults who cannot read or write at a functional level with the objective of ensuring that they have the skills necessary to find and keep decent jobs, support their children's education and participate actively in civic life.



Program is designed for adult learners interested in developing computer skills, upgrading their academic skills and completing their secondary education.  Provides the opportunity for students who have recently left high school with minimal credits to achieve a number of high school credits thro

Literacy and basic skills training, including numeracy, digital, communication and interpersonal skills. 

Helps learners prepare for employment, apprenticeship, secondary-school credit, post-secondary education and greater independence. 

A non-profit organization that provides basic training in reading, writing, math and computer skills to English-speaking adults.

Offers a range of education programs and services to help deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families.

Programs include:

A program to help students qualify for admission to Mohawk College programs and assist in employment readiness. Focusing on raising Math, Science and English skills to the college-entry level and employment standards.

Offers upgrading in:

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