Vocational English as a Second Language

Programs that provide courses for students whose first language is other than English that are designed to develop speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills while working with the vocabulary of business, tourism or health care. VESL classes are offered by job training agencies, skills centres and some adult education programs; and help participants improve their oral communication on the job, memo and letter writing skills, telephone skills, and their ability to read and understand trade manuals, parts manuals and job-related forms. Classes may focus on a particular industry or may be general providing a work-oriented vocabulary.



Online courses to qualified individuals whose first language is not English with a background from another country in the business or health care sector.

A 6 to 8 week program to help newcomers improve their English and prepare for the workplace. Services include:

A free program designed for Internationally Trained Professionals. Offered to qualified newcomers that have education and work experience from their country but have not yet worked in their field in Canada. Courses are delivered over 12 weeks and help individuals:

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