Community Based Preschools

Privately operated, for-profit or nonprofit preschool programs based in community settings that have no specialized curriculum and are accessible to all children in the community. Activities generally include shape, colour and number recognition; outdoor play; observation of nature and pets; fine and gross motor activities; pre-reading and pre-writing skills development; and opportunities for socialization. Community based preschools may offer half-day sessions (or less) that may be available to different groups of children on specific days of the week.



A licensed child care centre located in Waterdown. Offers care for children ages 2.5 to 4 years.

A licensed child care centre located in Waterdown.

A kindergarten that offers a number of social groups, day camps, and child care options for children ages 0 to 10.

Provides an early learning environment that follows Indigenous teachings and knowledge that help to support the growth and development of children and families.  Indigenous languages, drumming, dancing and story telling are embedded into every aspect of the program.  Child-led and land-based lear

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