Legal Assistance Referral Services

Programs that maintain lists of lawyers, paralegals, mediators and other legal professionals and services, and link people who need legal assistance with those who specialize in the required area of law.



Available via website are:

  • legal answers and documents
  • 2,100 topics on provincial and federal laws
  • referrals
  • publishes legal guides and Your Guide to Canadian Law

This organization operates online and via telephone service. It offers legal information and answers covering a large variety of legal topics on provincial and federal laws.

A Federal not-for-profit corporation that provides access to Canadian Laws, helps answer legal questions and does legal education online.

Maintains a list of licensed lawyers in Hamilton.

Program that assists the urban Aboriginal youth at risk in providing access to activities that will ensure choices to healthy lifestyles.

Provides assistance to all Indigenous people who are in contact with the legal system, regardless of status.

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