Crime Victim Notification Services

Programs notify victims of crimes, upon their request, of any change in the status of offenders including their address when first released, court rulings regarding sentence length, notice of parole or clemency-related events and proceedings (e.g., parole eligibility date, parole suitability hearing dates and times, parole decisions and conditions, parole release dates, parole violation hearings and parole revocation hearings), escape from institutional custody and apprehension, release from prison or death.



Provides victims with the information they need to have an effective voice in the federal correctional system, making sure they are treated with compassion, fairness, and respect.

Services include:

Phone line for the Ontario Victim Support Line.

A province-wide, multilingual, toll-free information phone line providing a range of services to victims of crime and their families, offering information and referrals to support services including counselling, financial assistance, and more.

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