Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Programs that offer a variety of activities for youth who are at risk for behaviour which is likely to involve them in the juvenile justice system with the objective of assisting them to improve self-esteem, to become aware of alternative ways of dealing with feelings and leisure time, and to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Included may be counselling, rap and discussion groups, tutoring, companionship programs, alternative peer group experiences and supervised recreational activities.



Prodigal Sonz is a basketball team comprised of at-risk and post-incarcerated youth and their mentors.  The goals of this program include:

Provides one-on-one mentoring for youth with an opportunity to participate in educational activities and engage with their peers.  The goal of this program is to help youth stay in school, or re-enter the school system.  Types of support include:

Liberty for Youth Hamilton Office

Develops safe mentoring relationships with youth at risk and/or youth involved in crime by offering programs that develop hope, purpose, and skills to support personal success.  Programs are funded by Hamilton Community Foundation, Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority, McLean Foundation and RBC Foundat

This is a highly structured intensive community based alternative to custody for youth (ages 12-17) who have come in contact with the law. Youth engage in cognitive programming based on prevention and rehabilitation and reintegration.

The Youth Justice Committee involves trained community members who meet with victims, young people aged 12-17 accused of minor, non-violent offences, and their parents, to negotiate an appropriate way for the young person to make amends for their actions.

Youth are diverted from the formal youth justice process, while holding them accountable for their actions in a community context.

Each young person is designed a program of measures that addresses their risks and needs of the person(s) harmed in the community.

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