Federal Government Complaints/Ombudsman Offices

Programs such as governmental, departmental or nonprofit ombudsman offices that provide assistance for people who want to register complaints about or have other issues which relate to the activities, actions or lack of action by officials or civil service employees in federal government offices or the agencies they regulate and/or fund. Also included are programs that handle complaints about the availability and quality of federal government services. The program provides an objective, neutral and independent review of complaints; offers reasonable remedies when complaints are substantiated; and uses information from the complaints and the investigations they trigger to identify and resolve problems within the agency or department and improve services.



Federal Canadian government agency that provides advice and information for individuals about protecting personal information. Also enforces federal privacy laws that set out the rules for how federal government institutions and certain businesses must handle personal information.

Services provided by the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada.

Federal Canadian government agency that is responsible for promoting and protecting access to information rights under the Access to Information Act.

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