Discount Transit Passes

Programs that issue passes for students, older adults, people with disabilities or other groups which enable them to utilize mass transit services at discount rates.



The Senior Pass Program provides discounted HSR transportation to eligible older adults (65-79 years of age). This includes a PRESTO card. Senior Annual Passes are also available, and is valid for 12 months starting in the month of purchase if purchased by the 13th day of the month.

The Golden Age Pass provides free HSR transportation to eligible adults over the age of 80. This pass includes a one-time free PRESTO card. A photo ID will be issued, to be used with the new PRESTO card, which is to be presented to the driver upon boarding. 

An identity card for legally blind individuals that provides benefits such as discounts and services from governments, businesses, and community partners.

Specific benefits vary by city. Contact for details.

Offers Hamilton residents who are recipients of Ontario Works, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or have household incomes below the Low Income Measure, a 30% discount on current single-ride PRESTO fares for one year for themselves and their family.

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