Disability Related Transportation

Programs that provide door-to-door (or curb-to-curb) transportation for purposes of shopping, banking, social events, medical appointments, getting to and from work, and similar activities for people with disabilities who need special accommodations and are unable to utilize other available means of transportation. Also included are programs that provide transportation for youngsters with disabilities who have no other means of accessing necessary specialized services and activities. Some but not all vehicles used for this purpose are equipped with wheelchair lifts.



Transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointments by volunteer drivers.  Program is delivered on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Provides door-to-door transportation service to individuals who are unable to use regular public transit due to a disability.  Participants must register with Accessible Transportation Services (ATS), a department of the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR).  Employs wheelchair accessible buses, vans, m

Provides access to DARTS accessible transportation and the Taxi Scrip Program for people who are unable to use regular public transit (i.e. HSR buses) due to a disability. Determines eligibility and registers passengers for these accessible programs, and provides customer care.

Glanbrook Community Services provides participants with transportation services to medical appointments, dental appointments, errands, to visit friends, grocery and general shopping.  Drivers will wait and can assist participants with purchases.  Out-of-town trips may be arranged upon request, so

Offers door-to-door transportation to appointments for those with limited to no access to transportation.  A caregiver may travel with the client at no extra cost.  A minimum of three (3) days notice is requested in order to book.  

Provides subsidized rides for people with disabilities through regular and accessible taxis. Coupons are sold in books that contain $40 value in vouchers, and participants may purchase up to three books each month.

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