Food Preparation Facilities

Programs that provide kitchen facilities which homeless people and others in need can use to prepare and serve food. Also included are collective/community kitchen programs that provide facilities where groups of people can plan a menu, purchase ingredients, prepare one or more meals and package the food to be taken home, frozen and used over a period of time; and membership organizations that provide prepared hot meals that participating soup kitchens and meal programs can serve to their clients.



Intercultural Community Kitchens are a space where people get together regularly to cook and eat healthy recipes and share knowledge from their cultures. Community kitchens offer the opportunity to meet others and exchange skills in a welcoming environment.

Offers a place to plan and cook affordable meals, learn and share skills helpful in budgeting, shopping and preparation of healthy food. The initiative is aimed to address food access, reduced social isolation, community engagement and capacity building.

Provides work experience and training for at-risk youth in the Hamilton community. Youth cook and participate in clean-up in the Living Rock industrial kitchen.

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