Housing Authorities

City, county, or provincial housing offices that provide information about eligibility for and vacancies in the subsidized housing properties that are under their jurisdiction.



Operates as an access point for subsidized housing in Hamilton. Subsidized housing is when rent is geared to the income of the recipient instead of market rates.

Local office of Access to Housing, a non-profit organization that operates as an access point for subsidized housing in Hamilton.

Local office of CityHousing Hamilton, offering a variety of services to help people in Hamilton access subsidized housing.

A division within the City of Hamilton that administers housing. Services to residents include the administration of social housing, housing research and planning, and support for newcomers seeking housing.

Provides housing to families, seniors, couples, single people, and people with special needs in forms including townhouses, apartments, and single and semi-detached dwellings. Most housing is offered on a rent-geared-to-income basis, some properties also include market rent units.

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