Grocery Ordering/Delivery

Food markets that accept online and/or telephone orders and deliver food and household supplies to the homes of people who are unable to go out and shop on their own behalf or who prefer to have their groceries delivered. Also included are food pantries that deliver the food to people with illnesses, disabilities, transportation issues or other extenuating circumstances which prevent them from picking it up; and programs that place online orders for older adults, people with disabilities and individuals who are struggle with using a computer or have no Internet access.



Provides grocery delivery services to teenagers and young adults in the Hamilton area. 



Offers delivery of local, organic and fair trade products to residents in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Market offering a variety of local, organic and fair trade products.  Pick-up and delivery orders are available for registered members.  

Farmer's market dedicated to ethical sourcing with a focus on local, organic and fair trade products.  Delivery and pick-up options available for registered members. 

An online group working to help deliver groceries and supplies to those who can't afford them or can't get around the city easily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please allow 3-4 days for delivery arrangements to be made.

Supports Ancaster Seniors with bi-weekly grocery shops in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is not a 'delivery service' but rather an essential lifeline for those Ancaster seniors who are self-isolating, have limited transportation or have little (to no) assistance.

Provides grocery shopping services for seniors and adults with disabilities.  Banyan employees receive individual grocery lists from their clients, obtain the requested items, deliver the groceries, and unpack them if required.  Shopping is done at the following grocery stores, according to clien

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