Food Banks

Programs that acquire food products through donations, canned food drives, food bank programs or direct purchase and distribute the food to people who are in emergency situations. Some pantries deliver food to people whose disabilities or illnesses make it difficult for them to leave home.



A food bank providing items such as bread, dairy, cereal, meats, personal hygiene items, and occasionally produce. 

Food bank using a gift card system; monthly reloadable gift cards are distributed to be used at a local partner halal food market.

A program designed to address the issues of food insecurity, by assisting clients who are facing financial issues and food insecurity. Through food drives and donations from the community the program distributes donated food to families in need.

On-site food bank at Delta United Church serving families and individuals in the community. Clients can visit once a month to select a limited number of items from a variety of packaged/canned foods as well as health and hygiene items.

Food donations welcome during church hours.

Provides a bag of non-perishable food to people in need on the third Wednesday of every month. 

Provides food to transgender and non-binary people and their families. 

A community fridge located on the campus of McMaster University, behind Mills Library. 

A community fridge located on the corner of Locke Street and Stanley Avenue. Maintained by Blessings Community Church.

A community fridge located at the Ottawa Market on Ottawa Street North in east Hamilton. Maintained by Community Fridges HamOnt.

A non-profit organization that sets-up, monitors, and licenses outdoor fridges to provide free food to people in the community.

An emergency food bank in the Davis Creek neighbourhood operated by Mission Services Hamilton.

Provides food assistance to those in need.

Offers emergency services to families and individuals of any religion to assist in meeting immediate needs. Services include Food Bank and occasional clothing, furniture, and household items.

Provides nutritional food to residents of Stoney Creek who are in need.

Emergency services and grocery support for youth in the Hamilton community. Provides food, clothing, baby products, and hygiene items. Also offers nutrition and budgeting programs as well as referrals to Living Rock's Wellness Works Coordinator.

Provides food to Hamilton residents in need.  Provides delivery to seniors and those not able to pick up. By appointment only.

Provides emergency supply of infant formula, baby food, and diapers to families with children aged 0-3 years.

Provides emergency access to 7 days worth of food and hygiene supplies in a community-based setting, while providing as much choice as possible, including culturally appropriate food. 

Community food bank that provides emergency help to individuals and families.

Food pantry, stocked with non-perishable staples for those in need in the neighbourhood. Clients can shop once every calendar month, using a points system.

This program provides emergency food parcels and personal care items for families and individuals in need of assistance, operating by appointment at the door. 

Provides access to a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and packaged foods as available. Clothing racks may be available. Please bring reusable grocery bags. 

Offers emergency food support for residents of Hamilton mountain by providing 5-7 days of essential food, including fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and vital non-perishable items.

Emergency food bank providing food and personal hygiene items to individuals and families. Can be accessed once per month per household.

Provides emergency help in the form of a community food bank.

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