Disability Associations

Organizations whose members are individuals who work in the disability field and have affiliated for the purpose of promoting mutual interests, participating in education and training conferences, interacting with other professionals and taking advantage of other opportunities for personal and professional development. Many disability associations also include individuals with disabilities and their families in their membership. Disability associations may also advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their caregivers; promote legislation that funds research and services for this population; and provide information for members and the general public. Included are associations that focus on a specific disability such as autism or brain injuries; and those that address a broad range of disability issues.



War Amps Scarborough Location.  Office responsible for the Key Tag Service in Ontario. 

War Amps National Headquarters.  Main office responsible for the administrative functions of the organization. 

An organization who provides advocacy, peer support, self-help and practical assistance to child, adult, and war amputees.  

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