Disability Related Libraries

Special libraries that maintain materials with accurate and up-to-date information on the spectrum of disabilities, disability issues and services for people with disabilities, their families, and other concerned individuals. Depending on the community being served, the libraries may include related medical, health, and mental health information and information on legal rights, accommodations and employment opportunities. Disability related libraries may be operated by government, educational institutions, hospitals or other health care providers, or nonprofit societies, and may be comprehensive or specialize in particular areas such as physical, sensory, developmental, cognitive, mental or emotional impairments, illnesses or injuries.



Supports public libraries in the provision of accessible collections for Canadians with print disabilities and champions the fundamental right of Canadians with print disabilities to access media and reading materials in the format of their choice, including audio, braille, e-text.

Provides information to individuals whose lives have been significantly altered by illness or injury. Free confidential information and individually customized answers to inquiries about a comprehensive range of issues relating to disability and life in the community.  

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