Public Libraries

Libraries supported by public and/or private funds which provide general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district or region.



A local branch of the Hamilton Public Library.  

Services include:

The Hamilton Public Library owns and operates two bookmobiles. These provide access to library collections and services year-round.  Please visit the website for times and locations of stops. 

Local History and Archives at Hamilton Public Library is focused on collecting, preserving and making available materials that show the history of Hamilton and its people. 

The collection includes:

Allows local Hamilton residents access to their library branch outside of staffed hours.


Newcomer Learning Centre at Hamilton Public Library serves people who are new to Canada.  

Services include:

Makerspace studios provide an environment where people can practice their creative skills. Makerspace equipment must be booked in advance. 

Equipment varies depending on location and may include any of the following:

Provides library material to Hamilton residents who cannot access Hamilton Public Library services on their own. Library staff select material based on individual's needs and interests. Items are mailed directly to the individual each month.

HPL branches loan material in various formats to residents who live, work or attend school in Hamilton.  Material may be requested and sent to your library branch of choice. 

Services include:

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