Provincial/Territorial Government Information Services

Programs that provide information about provincial and territorial government offices and services that interested individuals can access on a website or in person, or by telephone, email, chat, text or other communication channel. In some cases, assistance is available to help identify and locate an appropriate office.



Phone line for the Employment Standards Information Centre that provides general information about the Ontario Employment Standards Act. 

Telephone line that provides general information about the Ontario Employment Standard Act. 

This program does not provide legal advice.

Public Health Ontario is the operating name for Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion. It is an arm's-length government agency focused on public health topics and science.

Phone line providing technical and specialized program information to the agri-business, primary producers, food processing, municipal and rural client sectors on a range of topics including:

A program of the Government of Ontario that helps families get the support they are entitled to by collecting, distributing, and enforcing child and spousal support payments.

This program:

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