Public Wi-Fi Sites

Locations at which users of electronic equipment (PCs, tablets, smart phones) with Wi-Fi receivers can wirelessly connect to the Internet. This service is often provided as a convenience to customers at restaurants, hotels, bookstores and coffee shops as well as libraries; and the wireless connection can be either secure (which encrypts transmissions based on a password provided by the host) or unsecured. The Wi-Fi service may be provided at no cost or could involve a registration fee. Also included are libraries and other similar organizations that offer mobile hotspot devices that can be checked out and used to access the Internet from any location. The mobile Wi-Fi unit may provide Internet access for multiple devices. NOTE: adds references to mobile Wi-Fi.



All HPL branches loan books, music and movies to children, teens and adults. These materials can requested and picked up at a designated branch. Materials are offered in multiple languages.

The library also provides access to skill-building, cultural and social programming.

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