Internet Information Resources

Information and services available to people with personal computers equipped with Internet connections and the appropriate software.



Online website for the Hamilton Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the safety of area roads through public awareness programs, community events, and partnerships with local businesses.

Online website for the Canadian Job Bank.

Online website for Cyber Seniors, a non-profit organization offering a variety of services and resources with the goal of helping seniors learn about and access technology.

Online website for Ceridian Cares, a registered charity affiliated with Ceridian, payroll software, that provides grants (up to $5000) to support basic needs.

The website outlines all eligibility criteria, application requirements, and the approval process.

Online website and catalogue for the Centre for Equitable Library Access, a non-profit organization that provides accessible format books, magazines, and newspapers for Canadians with print disabilities.

Online website for, a web-based service that connects teenagers in need of legal advice with lawyers via online queries.

Online website for ICNA Relief Canada.

Offers a variety of recorded training videos and educational resources to help prevent elder abuse in Ontario.

Materials cover the following forms of abuse:

A facebook page that handles all grocery orders for CareMongering Hamilton.

Online website for Canadian Parents for French, a volunteer organization that advocates for French as a second language programs and services in Canadian schools.

Online website for Skills Ontario, a non-profit agency that aims to champion and stimulate the development of world-class technological and employability skills in Ontario youth.

Online website for SportHamilton, a volunteer non-profit group that promotes, supports and enhances sport in the Hamilton community.

Maintains a listing of sports leagues in Hamilton.


Online website for Southern Ontario Cocaine Anonymous, a non-profit agency that offers support groups throughout Southern Ontario for people with a desire to stop using cocaine or other substances.

Maintains a list of all meeting locations, dates, and times.

An online website for Rainbow's End Community Development Corporation that maintains a list of available work and volunteer opportunities at their participating non-profits.

Work and volunteer opportunities are prioritized for people who have lived experience of mental illness.

An online interactive map of locations in Ontario that collect specific waste for safe disposal. 

Includes: antifreeze, empty oil canisters, oil filters, pressurized cylinders

Online website of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.

Online website of the Ontario Psychological Association.

Online website of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Online website for the Ontario Caregiver Organization.

Online website for the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

Online website that maintains a map and list of optometrists that are participating in the Eye See Eye Learn program., a local website that provides citizens with the chance to tell their stories, stream a video, post some music or write an article.

A local website that provides citizens with the chance to tell their stories, stream a video, post some music or write an article.

A local website that provides citizens with the chance to tell their stories, stream a video, post some music or write an article.

Online website for Lupus Ontario, a provincial voluntary health organization offering support services and information for people affected by Lupus.

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