Meeting Space

Programs that make conference rooms or other space available to individuals or groups who want to hold meetings or sponsor other public or private gatherings.



Community centre. Offers facility rentals for social and business events. Banquet hall can accommodate 250-350 guests depending on seating style. Smaller meeting hall holds up to 90 people. 

Offers a variety of programs and sports for the benefit of people of the Croatian community in Canada. 

A volunteer-run organization committed to agriculture, education and entertainment. 

Hosts a farmers' market.

Hosts the annual Rockton World's Fair on Thanksgiving Weekend. 

Also offers multiple hall and facility rentals.

A volunteer-run committee who manages the Ancaster Fair Grounds, annual Ancaster Fair, tradeshows and events.  New members are welcome.  The Ancaster Agricultural Society receives funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ancaster's Shaver Homestead, and a variety of other corporate sponsors. 

Offering community musical theatre productions and open auditions.  Other services include costume collection rentals and theatre space rentals.  Volunteer opportunities are available, contact for details. 

Location of Hamilton Theatre Inc., where events and performances are held.  Facility rentals are also available. 

A volunteer-based organization offering community musical theatre productions, costume collection rentals, and theatre space rentals.  

A local branch of the Hamilton Public Library.  

Services include:

The Gasworks is a cultural venue and creative hub in Hamilton, featuring music and art education as well as community events. Home of various local organizations, who rent studio space in the facility, with some offering individual programs. 

Hall rental with a capacity of 130 people.

A geared-to-income apartment complex for seniors owned and operated by the Waterdown Rotary Club.

A private golf course located in Dundas.

A cafe located in Waterdown.

A cafe located at Pier 4 in Hamilton.

Community museum showcasing how Canadian history and geography has unfolded in the Dundas Valley.

Offers a variety of exhibits and educational programs.

A Christian undergraduate university offering programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education degrees.

A camp facility in Mount Hope.

Also offers year round rentals of the outdoor camp facilities.

A meeting space located inside the Main Street Fortinos grocery store.

Local Ancaster chapter of a worldwide volunteer organization whose purpose is to aid and encourage the development of youth. Applications are accepted that promote the development of youth and the betterment of the community at large.

Branch of Freemasonry designed to supplement and amplify the philosophical teachings of Craft Lodges.

Also offers rental of their banquet halls (capacity 350 people) for meetings and events.

Downtown Hamilton branch of freemasonry. Also offers rental of their banquet halls (capacity 350 people) for meetings and events.

A community event and performance space named for its unique cast iron spiral staircase includes a 67 seat live theatre with large movie screen, a banquet space, rehearsal hall, cafe and office space.

A religious based conference and retreat centre. Facilities are available to be rented.

An anarchist social space located in downtown Hamilton. Hosts events including

Headquarters of The Tower, an anarchist social space located in downtown Hamilton. Maintains a library of anarchist and social literature.

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