Neighbourhood Revitalization

Programs that seek to improve a neighbourhood's physical, economic, and social conditions to enhance the overall quality of life and economic opportunities for neighbourhood residents. Neighbourhood revitalization includes a range of initiatives that target multiple, but complementary, development goals including business development, infrastructure improvements, workforce training, facade improvements, amenity development and property reuse. Critical to this process is the revitalization of commercial areas, because it creates jobs for local residents, provides goods and services to the local market (thereby keeping local dollars in the community) and improves the overall image of the neighbourhood by signaling that business can succeed there.



Location of the Threshold School of Building.

A registered charity dedicated to practical and sustainable community development in the Hamilton area.

An initiative to increase food security in the McQuesten area by offering educational and recreational programs to community groups and school groups, weekly summer markets, fresh produce food boxes, and volunteer opportunities.

McQuesten Urban Farm was developed as a response to food insecurity in the McQuesten neighbourhood.  Its goal is to provide residents with access to fresh food, food security, job opportunities, and skills to help promote healthy eating through local gardening and farmers markets. 

A community organic urban farm located in East Hamilton. 

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