Telephone Call Centre Services

Organizations that operate call centres staffed by individuals who are trained to answer calls for agencies, businesses, physicians and other professionals (on a regular, after hours or overflow basis), greet the caller using the client's name, take messages and, at the client's option, dispatch the message to the client's pager or cell phone, store the message for the client to call in and retrieve, place the message in a voice mail box, telephone the client with the message, or arrange for the message to be e-mailed or faxed to the client. Some services may also take catalogue or e-commerce orders, schedule appointments, handle registration for seminars or other events, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, make outgoing telemarketing calls to generate sales or solicit contributions, offer mystery shopping services, provide help desk support or negotiate customized services as needed by the client.



Culturally safe and centralized call centre that connects Indigenous residents in Hamilton to local and government resources relevant to their identified needs.  Navigators will support families in completing applications and create warm transfers with service providers.  Types of supports includ

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