Classical Concerts

Organizations that offer musical performances which feature symphony orchestras, chamber groups or instrumental or vocal soloists or ensembles who play pieces whose style and structure are based on Western European traditions. Specific concerts may feature early medieval religious music that included masses and motets; suites and concertos from the baroque period; symphonies in sonata form and piano sonatas from the late 18th and 19th centuries; and pieces from the 20th century that are representative of serialism, neoclassicism, neoromanticism or other contemporary traditions. Also included are programs that arrange for classical music festivals and classical music competitions that are staged as public performances.



Provides two symphony orchestras, chamber music opportunities, and a percussion program to support music education, public performance, and community engagement.  New members are welcome. 

Offers live performances of professional orchestral music, as well as cultivates music appreciation and education in the schools and communities of the Hamilton area.

Offers free concerts for the general public, as well as performances for local retirement homes and long term care residences. 

A community orchestra of amateur musicians who rehearse together and perform for local retirement homes and long term care residences.  Also holds free concerts for the general public, often accompanied by other soloists and performance ensembles.  

The Hamilton Music Festival is held at various venues around Hamilton. 

Provides young musicians of all ages and grades with a platform for creative expression and competition through varied repertoire and professional adjudicators.  

A local organization who promotes arts, music, and culture within the Hamilton area. 

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