Choral Music Performances

Organizations that offer music performances which feature choirs, gospel singers, barbershop quartets, glee clubs or other vocal groups. Also included are programs that arrange for choral music festivals or choral music competitions that are staged as public performances.



A community choir, including soprano, alto, tenor, and bass vocal ranges. Practices held weekly. New members are welcome. 

A community choir who perform a wide variety of music.

An adult choral group that performs from a vast repertoire of music. Performs annual Christmas and Spring concerts each season, in addition to performances at senior-living centers and for charitable causes. 

The Harlequin Singers currently rehearse at St. Luke's Anglican Church in Burlington. Performances are held in various venues throughout Hamilton, see website for information. 

An adult choral group who perform a vast repertoire of music drawn from big band, Broadway, film, folk, and pop charts. Offers concerts for retirement homes, local charities, and the general public.

A mixed-voice choir and singing community of traditional music from many cultures. Holds two concerts per year in December and May. New members are welcome.

A non-audition, mixed-voice choir.

Choir practices dedicated to the study of Gregorian Chant, and to its performance in concert and in liturgy. They also sings traditional polyphony in Latin and English. 

Hamilton Children’s Choir offers choral music education programs for children and youth between the ages of 18 months and 24 years.

Provides children and youth with musical education and performance opportunities, which helps create a sense of belonging, nurtures personal growth, and experiences the benefits of community. 

An organization composed of singers who perform locally with professional soloists and musicians.

The Hamilton Music Festival is held at various venues around Hamilton. 

Provides young musicians of all ages and grades with a platform for creative expression and competition through varied repertoire and professional adjudicators.  

A local organization who promotes arts, music, and culture within the Hamilton area. 

Provides volunteer opportunities and offers spots to new singers through an audition process.

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