Forensic Mental Health Evaluation

Programs that provide an assessment of the mental health status of individuals who are involved in criminal or civil law cases at the request of the court or an attorney who is attempting to evaluate the situation. Forensic evaluations are completed by mental health personnel (generally psychiatrists or psychologists) who have additional training in the law; and may address any of a wide range of issues such as an individual's fitness to stand trial (i.e., their ability to assist in their own defence), the competency of the accused at the time of a crime, the validity of an insanity plea, the legitimacy of a stress-related illness claim arising from an individual's employment, the extent of brain damage that may have occurred in a head injury case, a child's ability to testify or a person's competency to manage his or her own affairs. Forensic evaluations may also be done in situations involving youth justice issues, child abuse, child custody disputes, termination of parental rights and other cases that are being heard in youth court or family law court.



Child and Adolescent Services is a community-based children’s mental health clinic, providing confidential and free mental health counselling and treatment for children and youth, under 18, and their families. 

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